lørdag 16. mai 2015

The Norwegian "Hytte"

The little cottage in the woods

Have you ever seen "The Holiday" where Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet exchange houses for the holidays? I love the little English cottage and that it is so cozy! Get inspired by the same style in both American and English style cottages with these pictures from Pinterest.

tirsdag 12. mai 2015


Untitled #1110

I joined the site Polyvore about 6 years ago. I have been using it for all my wishlist, mood boads and for general inspiration.

If you find something you like you can clip it into your Polyvore account and then use it in a set or a collection. Very easy and super fun! I even have the cell phone app...

You should try it too!


mandag 11. mai 2015

Black & White for your Walls

Black and white pictures or posters are perfect for the walls. I have painted several watercolors and framed them in my own livingroom. 

There are several online stores you can get affordable posters, with or without frames. 
My lastest purchase was a vintage Chanel poster from 1989 bought from Ebay.

søndag 10. mai 2015




After blogging about fashion for five years, I have finally decided to blog about what I really love : Interior. 

Last year I bought my first home and I have been the DIY Queen for some time now. I always find new inspiration and new projects. As a kid I always wanted to be a interior designer. Now that I finally have the chance to do what I love in my own home I also wanted to share it with my readers - new and old.